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There are several options for those considering taking up third level music studies in Ireland, whether in the Republic of Ireland or in Northern Ireland. These can be summarised according to the type of music course(s) offered and by the geographical location of the university/college/conservatoire. Undergraduate courses broadly divide into those in which all components relate to music (usually coded as BMus degree programmes) to those in which music is studied alongside other subjects or disciplines in dual-subject or multi-disciplinary degrees (BA, BSc, BEd). While the structure of many of these bear similarities in terms of general content, each course represents a distinctive approach to music in higher education. Some of the courses offered at third level focus on a particular aspect of music studies (for example, performance, music technology or music analysis) or are more directed towards a particular music style (such as western art music, popular music, jazz, or Irish traditional music). Others again are broader in their overall content and approach. The diversity of music courses offered gives prospective students many options to choose from, thereby providing a range of academic and professional pathways.

School leavers and others thinking of taking up third level music studies need to examine these options carefully and consider which degree programmes might best suit their musical interests and align with their academic and career aspirations. All of the universities/colleges and conservatories provide information on the various courses offered via their own websites which can be accessed here. Furthermore, each institution organises an annual Open Day where prospective students can meet current students and staff. Prospective students are advised to plan their applications well in advance of the CAO application process as many music colleges and music departments require students to attend auditions and entrance tests many months in advance of the centralised application process.

Currently, music can be studied to degree level in higher education institutions in the following locations: Belfast and Derry/Londonderry in Northern Ireland; and Cork, Dublin, Dundalk, Limerick, Maynooth and Waterford in the Republic of Ireland.

International students who are considering taking up music studies in Ireland have a number of options. Those who intend completing a full undergraduate or postgraduate degree in Ireland should make direct inquiries to the music colleges and university music departments at which they intend to study. Students already registered on music courses abroad, but who wish to study music at an Irish institution for a semester, year or more should in the first instance contact the International Office at their own institution. Further information for international students may be accessed here.